What is this?


  • This is my personal Blog where I post stuff that is on my mind
  • I do this because it helps me to order my thoughts
  • This is public some of this may be useful to someone out there and if not: I don’t care
  • You can get to know me this way and figure out whether or not we should get in touch
  • Some posts are written in English, some in German. I use whatever I feel like when writing.

The detailed story

This is my personal Blog. I post whatever is on my mind (and I feel like this can be public of course). Why? Because I can ;-).

No seriously: I do this because I find to write about a certain topic can be helpful while thinking about it. It forces me to look at any given topic in greater detail. I look for alternative approaches (in case of a problem) or different views (e.g. regarding political issues). It just helps to order my thoughts while processing them.

But why publicly? Yes you are right: Apart from the occasional tip or thing I’ve learned – most of my posts are of no concern to anybody but myself. However: I don’t care whether or not anyone reads this at all. I honestly don’t. I share this because there may be a chance that someone might find something useful.

Last but not least: By reading about my concerns or what I do you may get a vague Idea about who I am. Maybe you are like me and we share common interests or views? Then you might want to reach out to me so can talk.

Or you may find that I am a left-wing, liberal, peace loving douche who should go hug a tree. That is perfectly fine with me if you think so. And because you know this now, neither of us must waste any time or effort in getting to know each other more closely.

Finally: Some of my posts are in English, some in German. This totaly depends on how I feel when writing about a topic. As a rule of thumb: If a post is in German and you are not living in Germany, chances are that the topic is of no concern for you anyway.  This is how that works.