Gnome 3 – Keep screen awake while locked

I’ve been a Gnome user for well over 10 years now and I still love it. Gnome 3 is a fantastic environment that empowers users while getting out of the way. However: Gnome 3 has its own ways of doing things and it can be quite annoying if you prefer a different approach to things then the Gnome devs do.

One of these things that bugged me: There is no way to lock the screen AND keep the displays on. While I realize that turning them off is more power efficent while you are not using your computer, it also causes more wear on the display. Turning it on and off often does shorten it’s life so I prefer my displays to stay on even when locked. But there is no way to tell Gnome to just lock the screen and leave the displays on.

Extensions to the rescue

I’ve found this little extension right here:

Install this Gnome shell extension and you can finally lock your screen and keep the display awake at the same time. There’s also a toggle so that you can disable it if you want to conserve power. A really awesome little extension IMHO.