Amiga – 30th anniversary

Tomorrow, exactly 30 years ago, the Amiga 1000 was introduced by Commodore International in New Yorks Lincoln center. It marked a significant point in history of personal computing as this computer was lightyears ahead then anything else. Only the Atari ST, released just weeks earlier, was roughly in the same class.

I will celebrate the anniversary by having a beer and playing two classic Cinemaware titles: Defender of the Crown, Cinemawares first title and also the first one to truly show what the Amiga was capable of. Incidentally, this was also one of the first games I played as a kid when I about 2 – 4 years old – On my fathers Atari ST 😉

I also will be playing Wings, one of my favorite games when I was a kid which I did play for hours on end. It is great in regards of story telling. The game is about a WW I pilot and the story is being told by diary entries and black & white silent movie titles. As a child, I couldn’t read english so I never got to enjoy the story. Something I am looking forward to enjoy now. It was also Cinemawares last title before the company went under.

If you are interested: Here’s the German Amiga 1000 introduction with TV host Frank Elstner (I could not find any video of the Lincoln Center introduction but I know it’s out there. I’ve seen it at some point).

Update: Here is a 16 minute summary made with original footage of the introduction at Lincoln Center. It catches the gist of it quite well and compared to the german presentation, which was very stiff and almost comically bad presented, the original introduction has almost Apple keynote quality.

And here is my Amiga 500, setup and ready to go complete with a 1085S Monitor, Joystick and Mouse. There is also a Commodore 1230 MPS dot matrix printer connected to the system which I use to print program listings. This is the gaming rig that I will use to celebrate this day. I take great pride in not using emulators but the system as it used to be. All these games will be played using floppy disks :).

Amiga 500 Setup