End of net neutrality

I just came across this interesting tweet from EUs digital commissioner Günter Öttinger:

Tweet of Günter Öttinger

Günter Öttinger announces the end of net neutrality on Twitter

Well done sir! You have been known for unintentionally funny statements before and now you may add another one to your list.

The sad thing is: When the EU members actually do pass this law, this will indeed be the end of net neutrality. Officially, the law enforces net neutrality with few exceptions. eCall, the automated car emergency call system, is often mentioned here. There is no argument here from me – those things must be prioritized. In fact: VoIP (which this is too) is prioritized in networks today already.

The problem is that the proposed law states that everything must be treated equally on the “open internet”. That implies, that there is another “non open internet” and indeed there is. The law goes on stating exceptions for “specialized services” that may be prioritized, as long as they are having no effect on “the open internet”.

There is no definition of what a “specialized service” is other then declaring it as something that is necessary. Anything would meet that definition. I’m sure Netflix, Youtube & co. certainly are necessary in many peoples view. Also, the law demands that ISPs do report the effects the prioritization has on the open internet which is ridiculous because their prioritization should not have any effect on other services in the first place >.<.

There is no argument, that time critical things need a higher class of service than other things. Examples are VoIP calls and live video feeds as they won’t work otherwise. However, there must be no open market to buy higher classes of service. ALL VoIP calls and ALL live video feeds must get that. Not just those where somebody was able to pay for that.

Unfortunately, the law will not prevent that from happening. Please consider reaching out to your EU parliamentarian by visiting savetheinternet.eu.